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You Would Be Surprised By These Unusual Skincare Trends Taking Over TikTok

Forget your grandma’s beauty advice – TikTok is where it’s at for the latest and often strangest skincare fads. Sure, you’ve seen folks slathering their faces in snail slime and those freaky face masks that look like they’re about to hatch an alien. But trust me, the skincare shenanigans on TikTok have reached a whole new level of bizarre.

Slugging: Not For the Faint of Heart

Imagine going to bed looking like a glazed donut. That’s basically the deal with “slugging.” You slap on a thick layer of petroleum jelly (yup, Vaseline) as your final skincare step for the night. The theory? It locks in all your fancy serums and moisturizers, leaving you with baby-soft skin by morning.

But hold on…is slathering goo that’s normally used for diaper rash on your face wise? Dermatologists are divided. If you have dry skin, it might help keep it from flaking like the Sahara Desert. Folks with oily or acne-prone skin? This one’s likely a recipe for a breakout disaster.

Frozen Cucumber: The Icy Trend

Forget those relaxing cucumber slices on your eyes. TikTokers are now rubbing frozen cucumbers all over their faces. Apparently, it’s meant to combat puffiness, inflammation, you name it. Does it work? Well, ice CAN temporarily reduce swelling. But a frozen cucumber? You might get the same effect AND a tasty snack with a bag of frozen peas.

Sunscreen Contouring: Genius or Sunburn City?

This one has me scratching my head. Sunscreen contouring involves strategically applying sunscreen for a supposedly natural-looking tan. SPF 30+ where you want to stay lighter, and a low SPF or none at all on areas you want darker. Then bake yourself in the sun.

Dermatologists are screaming into the void about this one. Sun damage is NO JOKE, and you’re basically playing Russian roulette with your skin. If you want a sculpted look, stick to makeup contouring where you can at least control the outcome.

DIY Dermplaning: Proceed with Caution

Dermaplaning, where a teeny blade scrapes off dead skin cells and peach fuzz, is usually done by a professional. But TikTok says, “Hold my beer!” Folks are grabbing those eyebrow razors and giving themselves an at-home treatment.

Can it leave you smoother? Maybe. Can it also leave you with nasty cuts or ingrown hairs? Absolutely. Unless you’re a trained pro, this might be one to leave on the “Do Not Try” list.

Period Masks: Let’s Just… Not

This one truly made me gag. Some folks are smearing their menstrual blood on their faces, claiming it clears acne and leaves their skin glowing. Look, I’m all for breaking down taboos around periods, but this is a hard no. Blood is not a magic potion, and there’s zero evidence it has any skincare benefits. Plus, potential for infection? I’ll pass.

The Verdict

TikTok skincare can be a wild ride. Some trends have a hint of merit, others are just plain cringeworthy. Before you try anything wacky, do your research and chat with a dermatologist. Your skin (and sanity) will thank you!

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