The privacy of visitors to our website is extremely important to us. We are deeply committed to protecting user privacy. The purpose of this privacy policy is to provide clarity about how we manage the personal information of our website visitors.


Accepting this privacy policy signifies that the user agrees to the use of cookies in accordance with the terms and conditions outlined in this policy.


This privacy policy explains how information is collected, shared, and used. These processes apply to this website, which is referred to as the Smart Insights Hub. It also encompasses affiliates and subsidiaries, as well as the disclosure, storage, collecting, and use of information.


The terms and circumstances of this privacy policy are subject to alteration, modification, or both at any moment. The user will receive a notification about it. Furthermore, any changes or updates to the privacy policy may be communicated to the user’s registered email address. If the user refuses to accept any of the changes made to the privacy policy, the user must immediately discontinue using the website. If the user continues to use the website, it is implied that they agree to the amended or modified terms and conditions of the privacy policy.


The Smart Insights Hub is not liable for any information collected by third-party clients, corporations, or websites. This privacy policy is only relevant to the information practices of this website. Because this website contains connections to other websites, users should be aware that it cannot be held responsible for the privacy policies or information collecting and distribution methods of the websites to which it may link. If a user clicks on any of the links provided and is led to another website, it is recommended that they also read the other website’s terms and regulations.


Collection of Personal Information

We may collect, store, and use the information listed below via the website.


(a) Registration information; (b) Additional personal information provided by the user; (c) Email subscription information, including username and email ID; (d) Information provided while using our website or services. This may include frequency, timing, and pattern of service use; (e) information about a user’s computer or laptop, including IP address, operating system, location, browser version and type, referral source, page views, duration of visit, and website navigation paths; and (f) information related to purchases or transactions made on our website. This may include the user’s name, email address, postal address, phone number, and debit/credit card information, as well as information submitted while creating a profile on the website. This includes user information such as name, gender, address, date of birth, profile photographs, relationship status, interests, hobbies, education, and employment, as well as information published on our website for public viewing. This information may include usernames, profile images, and related posts, as well as information from any contact provided through our website or to us. This may comprise content and metadata associated with the transmission.
Users should be aware that it is required to seek the consent of another person before providing the person’s personal information to us.

No information was collected from children.
We hereby inform you that our website is broad in nature. It was designed for and is intended to be used solely by adults. We never intentionally collect, request, or store personal information from children. Our websites are not designed for use by children, so we do not collect any information from users under the age of 18. We place a high value on protecting children and their information, so parents should carefully consider this privacy policy and the terms and conditions.

Third-Party Advertising

Third-party companies serve third-party adverts on our websites and other sites where we advertise. These third-party firms collect information about user visits to our website. When these advertising are displayed to the user, third-party companies store their unique cookies in the user’s browser. When users visit the site, these cookies display advertisements. Additionally, the website may use web beacons provided by third-party advertising businesses to supervise online advertisements. Using web beacons, the website may recognize cookies as and when the visitor visits it. The web beacons also enable the site to identify banner adverts that led the user to the site.

Web beacons are pieces of programming code that allow an image to be displayed on a website. Web beacons are used to send the user’s unique identifier to a database. This unique user identification is typically in the form of a cookie, which is used to link the specific user to the information stored in the database. Web beacons assist in tracking individual online visits to a website. Such tracking allows for the regulation of services and products that a user may be interested in. This also enables marketers to follow individuals’ online behavioral patterns.

Cookies are little data files created by a web server. Cookies are delivered via a web browser and saved on the user’s computer. These aid in the tracking of the user’s online behaviors and preferences. Cookies can help to identify the user as a returning visitor. These also allow for the customisation of a user’s web experiences, eliminating the need for the user to enter all of their information every time they visit the page. Users who visit the website must accept cookies in order to use all of its features.

IP Address: The website collects the user’s IP address to diagnose and manage server issues. When a user connects to the Internet, his or her computer is allocated an IP address. An IP address is essential to identify a user during any online session. It is also used to collect demographically relevant data.

Usage Tracking and Log Files: The website collects information about all web pages viewed by visitors. Furthermore, the website collects all information relevant to every hyperlink clicked by the user when they visit any of our websites or receive our emails. Log files are used for tracking and monitoring member activity.

Use of Personal Information

The personal information collected by us through the website will be used only for the purposes specified in the policy.

We may use the personal data given by the user to:

(a) manage the website and business; (b) make modifications to the website; (c) allow the use of website services; (d) send the goods to the user purchased on our website; (e) offer the user the services purchased on our website; (f) send statements, invoices, and reminders of payments to the user; (g) send user notices through emails, which are specifically requested by the user; (h) collect payments from the user; (i) send our email newsletter, in case these are specifically requested by the user (the user may also notify us in case they do not want to receive newsletters); (j) provide information on statistics to third parties about the users (the third parties will not be able to recognize any particular user from the information provided); (k) send non-marketing communications; (l) secure and safeguard the website from any fraudulent activities; (m) send marketing communications connected to our business either by post or by email, which has been specifically requested by the user (the user can notify us to stop sending these marketing communications if they no longer wish to receive these in the future); (n) check compliance with the terms and conditions governing the use of the website (this also includes monitoring and scrutinizing the private messages sent through the private messaging service of the website); and (o) deal with complaints and enquiries made by or about the user to the website.
It should be emphasized that no part of the user’s personal information will be published on third-party firms for purposes such as direct marketing without prior consent.

If a user gives any personal information to be published on the website, we will publish the content and/or utilize the provided data in accordance with the license that the user has granted to us. The user can use the privacy settings to prevent the distribution of the personal information they supply to our website. This can be altered using the website’s privacy controls.

Our payment service provider manages all of the website’s financial transactions. We may share any personal information provided by a user with our payment service provider for the purposes of complaints, inquiries, payments, and refunds.

Release of Personal Information

We may disclose a user’s personal information to any member of our group of companies. These can include both our holding company and its subsidiaries. The release of a user’s personal information may be needed under specific circumstances, as described in this privacy policy.

We may also share a user’s personal information to any of the following: insurers, agents, officials, employers, professional advisers, subcontractors, or suppliers, for the purposes specified in this privacy policy.

We may disclose users’ personal information: (a) as required by law, (b) to a buyer or prospective buyer of a business, (c) during ongoing or prospective legal proceedings, (d) to protect our legal rights (including preventing fraudulent activities and falling credit risk), and (e) to any person.
We will not share or disclose any user’s personal information to third parties, except in the instances specified in this privacy policy.

Changes to this Privacy Policy.

We retain the right to change or amend any of the terms in this privacy policy. Users should review the privacy policy on a frequent basis for any updates or changes. If there are any major changes to this policy, the user will be notified via email or a permanent notice on the website.

Unless further modifications are made, this privacy policy will remain in force. If we make any future modifications to the privacy policy, we will implement them and notify the user. The user’s ongoing use of the website following the modifications to the privacy policy will show their acceptance of these changes, as well as their consent to bear and be bound by the amended changes.


The Smart Insights Hub follows industry-standard principles for securing and safeguarding individual data. In addition, the Smart Insights Hub employs industry-standard security procedures to prevent data misuse, alteration, or loss. Users are told that the storage strategy, or the amount of information carried over the Internet, is not entirely secure. Although we do our best to save and protect our users’ personal information, we cannot guarantee 100% security. Also, while we make every effort to secure the networks and systems, we cannot guarantee that these security measures will prevent any third-party hackers from unlawfully accessing personal information.