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You Might Be Surprised by These Unconventional Lip Colors Going Viral

“A woman can never have too many lipsticks.”— Some seriously wise person

Okay, lipstick lovers, how’s this for a shocker: red’s not everything. Think about it – lipstick is meant to be fun and expressive, right? So why do we all end up reaching for the same old shades? It’s time to bust out of that rut!

The New “It” Colors

Forget what you think you know about lip color. These viral shades are turning the beauty world on its head:

  • Bold Blue: Yeah, you read that right. From deep sapphire to electrifying cobalt, blue lips are owning social media feeds. A surprisingly versatile look!
  • Metallic Madness: Want a little more oomph than shimmer? Think space-age silver, molten gold, or even rose gold. If you’re feeling adventurous, these are guaranteed conversation starters.
  • Unexpected Orange: We’re not talking about a sweet tangerine. Think richer and bolder – almost like a burnt orange vibe. A super-flattering option for warmer skin tones.
  • Grungy Goth: Yep, the 90s revival is hitting our lips. Deep plums, moody browns, and even pitch-black are back in a big way. Pair with a flannel shirt and smudgy eyeliner for the full grunge goddess experience.

Why the Hype?

So, what’s with all the crazy colors? Here’s the deal:

  • Self-expression rules: Makeup’s no longer about fitting into a mold. It’s all about being unabashedly YOU.
  • The social media effect: Platforms like TikTok and Instagram are fueling creativity. Bold looks get noticed!
  • Celebrities are doing it: Remember Rihanna in black lipstick? It paved the way for embracing the unusual.

Ready to Rock It?

Before you freak out, let’s keep it real. Unconventional lip colors aren’t for the faint of heart. But here’s the thing – you don’t have to go all-in to get in on the fun. A few tips:

  • Start subtle: A sheer wash of blue or a hint of metallic in your gloss is a great way to test the waters. (Perfect for the color-shy!)
  • Confidence is key: Bold colors demand bold attitude. Own that look, and everyone else will follow!
  • The rest of your vibe matters: Keep your other makeup fairly simple. You don’t want your lips competing with super-smoky eyes.

The Bold-Lip Bottom Line

Look, unconventional colors aren’t going to magically transform your life. But they might just give you that extra dose of fun and fearlessness we all need sometimes. So why not shake things up? Ditch the neutrals and step into the spotlight. Your lips might just thank you for it.

k. And if anyone gives you a side-eye, well, that’s their problem, isn’t it?

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