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Top 7 Health Podcasts to Inspire Your Wellness Journey

Let’s face it: getting in good physical and mental shape is a trip. Podcasts can be excellent companions along the way – kinda like chatty workout buddies in your ears! Whether you’re into fitness, nutrition, mindfulness, or want an all-around lifestyle boost, the right podcast can help.

Here’s a breakdown of some fantastic ones to kick start your wellness adventure, or to mix things up if you’re already a podcast junkie:

1. Feel Better, Live More with Dr. Rangan Chatterjee

  • Great for: Folks interested in a science-backed, holistic approach to wellbeing.
  • The Lowdown: Dr. Chatterjee, a renowned British physician, goes beyond symptom-chasing. He tackles root causes of health problems with fascinating experts and digs into sleep optimization, stress management, and the power of your gut. Think of this one as your motivational and highly knowledgeable health bestie!

2. Mind Pump: Raw Fitness Truth

  • Great for: Gym rats and those who love getting into the nitty-gritty of building muscle and strength.
  • The Lowdown: Sal, Adam, Justin, and Doug call themselves “rebels against the misinformation in the fitness industry.” Think in-depth, science-based answers delivered with humor about workout fads, nutrition myths, and what legitimately works for achieving your physique goals. This is one of the most popular fitness podcasts out there!

3. The Doctor’s Farmacy with Mark Hyman, MD

  • Great for: Anyone interested in the power of food as medicine.
  • The Lowdown: Dr. Hyman’s focus is on functional medicine, a system tackling the underlying causes of chronic disease rather than just the symptoms. He brings in big-name guests and delivers a ton of practical food-based strategies to improve your health. If you love the idea that what you eat can significantly level up your life, check this one out.

4. The Huberman Lab

  • Great for: Science nerds and people who love optimizing their health through cutting-edge information.
  • The Lowdown: Dr. Andrew Huberman, a neuroscientist at Stanford, breaks down complex research, but in a really understandable way. Topics range from the neuroscience of building habits to how light affects your mood. It’s dense, but the rewards are big if you want to understand how your body and mind really tick.

5. Maintenance Phase

  • Great for: Those fed up with diet culture, or who want to learn the science and history behind weight loss fads.
  • The Lowdown: Hosts Aubrey Gordon and Michael Hobbes debunk health misinformation with humor, historical analysis, and a lot of heart. If you feel confused by all the ‘lose weight fast’ noise, this is liberating and eye-opening.

6. The goop Podcast

  • Great for: Folks interested in alternative wellness and sparking out-of-the-box conversations.
  • The Lowdown: Love it or hate it, Gwyneth Paltrow and goop’s chief content officer Elise Loenen bring in fascinating guests (sometimes controversial ones) to talk about everything from gut health to past lives. It’s thought-provoking, even if you don’t end up buying all the crystals they talk about.

7. Food Psych with Christy Harrison

  • Great for: Anyone struggling with disordered eating or who wants to ditch diet mentality.
  • The Lowdown: Christy Harrison, a registered dietitian, and co-host Caroline Dooner help you unpack our culture’s unhealthy obsession with thinness. They bring wisdom and compassion to discussions about emotional eating, body image, and a whole lot more.

Making Podcasts Part of Your Wellness Toolkit

The best podcast for you boils down to your individual goals and what gets you excited. Explore a few, and make them part of your walk, commute, or chores routine. Don’t be afraid to switch it up if one starts feeling old. Think of them as virtual coaches, cheering you towards feeling healthier and happier.

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