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Top 5 Travel Bloggers to Follow for Insider Tips and Inspiration

Feeling bitten by the wanderlust bug? Sometimes, the best travel planning happens beyond flipping through guidebooks or searching for generic listings. That’s where awesome travel bloggers come in! They offer a peek behind the curtain, sharing authentic experiences and off-the-beaten-path gems.

“The world is a book and those who do not travel read only one page.” – St. Augustine

Let’s meet a few of my current favorites – these bloggers aren’t just photographers, they’re seasoned storytellers ready to ignite your travel dreams.

1. The Adventurous Kate: Solo Travel with a Side of Sass

Kate taking a selfie in front of a window displaying the big Florence Duomo, surrounded by orange-roofed buildings.

  • Her vibe: If you’re a woman thinking about traveling alone, Kate is your fearless cheerleader. Her blog is a treasure trove of practical tips, destination advice, and encouragement to ditch excuses and embrace solo adventure.
  • Why you’ll love her: Kate is relatable, funny, and her no-nonsense approach to safety is a must-read for women hitting the road on their own.

2. Migrationology: When Food is the Destination

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  • His focus: Mark Wiens travels the world to showcase incredible street eats and local culinary traditions. His videos and writing will have you drooling!
  • Why you’ll love him: Mark’s genuine enthusiasm is infectious. Whether he’s sampling fish head curries in India or slurping noodles in Bangkok, he digs deeper than the typical tourist fare.

3. Hey Nadine: Embracing the Journey, Mishaps and All

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  • Her charm: Nadine’s blog is like chatting with your most adventurous friend. Her candid writing covers the thrilling highs and the occasional lows of long-term travel.
  • Why you’ll love her: Nadine reminds us that travel isn’t always picture-perfect. Her authenticity makes her stories all the more inspiring.

4. Legal Nomads: Delicious Detours

  • Their strength: Jodi Ettenberg, a former lawyer, traded courtrooms for cobblestone streets. Her blog focuses on slow travel, food history, and finding purpose through long-term exploration.
  • Why you’ll love her: Jodi is a thoughtful writer. Her stories often delve into the cultural and historical context behind the delicious plates she samples around the world.

5. Expert Vagabond: Adventure with a Dash of Luxury

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  • His niche: Matthew Karsten proves that adventurous travel and a bit of style can go hand-in-hand. He showcases stunning hikes, epic outdoor experiences, and unique accommodations.
  • Why you’ll love him: Matthew reminds us that a thrill-seeking spirit doesn’t mean roughing it. His photography is awe-inspiring and perfect for the armchair adventurer, too!

Important Note: This is just a tiny taste of the incredible travel bloggers out there! With diverse interests and focuses, finding the perfect blogger to follow is an exploration in itself.

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