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The 5 Best Sustainable Fashion Brands to Support in 2024

Okay, I’m a total sucker for beautiful designs, but here’s the thing: I don’t want my fashion to come at the planet’s expense. That’s why I’m always scoping out the best sustainable brands. Here are a few that consistently blow me away:

1. Patagonia: The Pioneer of Purpose

Patagonia is like the wise old sage of sustainable fashion. They’ve been championing eco-friendly practices for way longer than it was trendy. Their gear is renowned for its quality – we’re talking pieces you’ll wear for years, maybe even decades. Plus, they fight fiercely for environmental causes, so every purchase supports a worthy mission.

What to check out: Their iconic fleeces (many made from recycled bottles!), super durable backpacks, and their Worn Wear program for fixing up pre-loved gear.

2. Reformation: Trendy AND Responsible

Reformation is where fashion-forward meets Earth-friendly. Think flirty dresses, cool denim, and pieces you’d see on your fave influencers. The surprising part? Each item has a breakdown of its environmental impact, empowering you to make smart choices.

What to check out: Their slinky slip dresses, effortless jumpsuits, and Ref Jeans that use way less water during production.

3. Pact: Soft, Sustainable Staples

Pact is your go-to for ridiculously comfy basics. PJs, underwear, t-shirts… the stuff you live in. They use organic cotton (way kinder to the planet and your skin) and partner with ethical factories that prioritize fair wages. This is “feel-good fashion” in the truest sense of the word.

What to check out: Their buttery-soft loungewear, perfectly fitting tees, and cute undies that are surprisingly durable.

4. Eileen Fisher: Minimalism with a Mission

Eileen Fisher embraces timeless elegance and simplicity. Think flowing blouses, luxuriously draped pants, and colors that always seem effortlessly chic. They prioritize eco-friendly fabrics like organic linen and recycled wool. Plus, their Renew program lets you resell or recycle your old pieces, closing the loop on waste.

What to check out: Their drapey jumpsuits, airy linen dresses, and those wide-leg pants that make you feel like a million bucks.

5. Allbirds: The Comfiest Eco-Sneakers

Sustainable footwear often feels like an afterthought, but Allbirds flips that around. Their shoes are insanely comfortable, made with natural goodness like merino wool and sugarcane. Plus, they label each pair with its carbon footprint, encouraging us all to tread a bit lighter on the planet.

What to check out: Their classic wool runners, breezy Tree Flyer sneakers, and those puddle-proof Mizzle shoes for rainy days.

Decoding Sustainability: What to Look For

  • Materials: Opt for organic cotton, recycled fibers, Tencel (made from wood pulp), and other planet-friendly options.
  • Transparency: Does the brand openly share their production processes and where they source materials?
  • Certifications: Look for labels like Fairtrade, GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard), and Bluesign (which signifies safe textile production).
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