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Makeup Trends That Need to Die (and What to Wear Instead)

Okay, spill the tea – what makeup trends make you cringe faster than your mascara running in the rain? Let’s be honest, not everything ages like fine wine. It’s time to break these trends down and discover what exciting looks you can try in their place!

“Everything has beauty, but not everyone sees it.” – Confucius

Trend #1: Overly Arched Brows

The problem: Brows so perfectly sculpted, they look like they could take flight at any moment. We can thank Instagram and stencils for this trend that seems to defy gravity.

The swap: Embrace your natural brow shape! A slightly feathered brow that follows your own arch looks softer, fresher, and instantly less harsh. Use a brow pencil in short, hair-like strokes for fullness and a tinted brow gel to set them in place with a light touch.

Trend #2: Excessive Contouring

The problem: Remember when everyone was painting stripes on their face? Yeah, that heavy-handed contour can look way too artificial, especially in daylight.

The swap: Subtlety is your friend. Think of contouring as “shadow play” rather than a map of new cheekbones. Use a cool-toned bronzer sparingly to add soft definition where shadows naturally fall (underneath cheekbones, along the hairline).

Trend #3: Ultra-Matte Lips

The problem: Liquid lipsticks with Sahara-desert levels of dryness. They might look fierce online but can feel awful in real life.

The swap: Comfort makes a comeback! Try creamy lipsticks with a satin finish for a touch of shine, or blotted-down stains for a diffused, lived-in look. These are easier to wear and way less likely to make your lips crackle.

Trend #4: Mega-Sized Lashes

The problem: Falsies so gigantic you could practically use them to sweep the floor. Sure, volume is great, but there’s a tipping point where it becomes cartoonish. Plus, too-heavy lashes can drag your whole eye look down.

The swap: Opt for a “lifted” lash look instead. Choose a lengthening and slightly curling mascara, applying it strategically for fanned-out, flirty lashes that still look like your own (only way better).

Trend #5: The Overlined Lip

The problem: Piling lip liner way outside your natural lip line… and hoping no one notices. It’s a gamble, folks – sometimes successful, often not.

The swap: Focus on enhancing, not completely redrawing. Use a liner that closely matches your natural lip color and just slightly extend the outer corners for a subtle plumping effect. Or, embrace your natural shape and use a glossy lipstick to make those lips pop without the trickery.

Trend #6: Cakey, Full-Coverage Foundation

The Problem: Foundation so thick it could double as spackle. It might photograph well, but in person, it can highlight wrinkles and texture and create that dreaded mask-like appearance.

The Swap: Let your skin breathe! Opt for lighter formulas that even out your skin tone without completely covering it. Think tinted moisturizers, skin tints, or buildable foundations applied with a damp beauty blender for an airbrushed effect.

The Bottom Line: Your Makeup, Your Rules

Trends are fun to experiment with, but ditch the pressure to chase them all. Beauty is ultimately about what makes you feel confident. Play with products, have some fun, and celebrate the features that make you, well, you! Makeup is supposed to be an adventure, not a chore, so go out there and rock your own unique brand of gorgeous.

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